Love & Care


Everyone needs love and care. It’s a basic need for all living beings, human or animal. I thought this film must be made because it spreads a vital message during times like these. It reminds us to take care of others and also be taken care of. And to share what we know, what we have.

This pandemic is a reminder, proof that we need each other, and no matter what if we have thoughts of goodwill for others and stand united; we can get through anything. In life, you will always find people with different circumstances and you should extend a helping hand whenever you can. To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be rich, brilliant, or perfect; you just have to care. No matter how small your loving helpful gesture is, it could be life-changing to someone else. This short film is all about that. About thinking not just for ourselves but for our society, for fellow humans. To care for others, you should be kind, to be kind you must be courageous and no one should be a coward.

Now, if you have a chance will you make a helpful gesture to someone in need? Will you contribute in your own small way? Think about it.

Love & Care Official Trailer


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