Invisible Pain


Just like people forget the heroes of history once they move on from school, we often forget the real heroes of our life once we move on with ours. The parents who grow us from seed to plant, we forget to bestow our shadow upon them. They give us their time as a child and we give it back to them but as we grow up that expectation of theirs, for some time from us; becomes too much to fulfil as time becomes an asset too valuable to share but often we forget the most valuable gem we have is what made us capable of having “that time” in this world.

Bharati has been there in the past when her life and family had her neglecting her parents. We all have, for various reasons but she has realized what she has and how it could slip away in no time. Many times we don’t answer when our phone rings and it’s our parents. One day it would ring and we’d look at the screen hoping to see their name but it will never ring with that name again. Or we’d call, hoping for Maa to pick up and ask “Beta khana khaya kya?” but there would only be the dialing tone; no one to answer. The possibility of this makes her heart ache and she knows there’s no love like a parents love.

When we step into their shoes, go from kids to parents, young to old; when we expect the same from our kids we will feel the invisible pain we couldn’t see for so many years. The pain caused is invisible but not irreversible so it’s never too late to start treating our parents the way we did as kids.


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