Addiction is not a choice, it’s often a solution and without a doubt a wrong one or an attempt to escape suffering. It is the path that leads anyone to blindness. The blindness in which some people seek comfort. When it comes to addiction ‘Ignorance is bliss is the rule addicts live by; Whether it be physical, mental, or emotional Addiction. It may numb or tone out the cause of suffering temporarily for the addict but it puts all his acquaintances through trouble. The desperation of an addict toward the addiction can only be tamed or worked on if the addiction is acknowledged in the first place.  In the film addiction, we see how the blamers don’t want to be blamed. They simply deny any sort of addiction without giving any explanation and if in case one has to explain they simply say it’s a requirement to get through important things in life.

We see two types of addiction in the film, substance addiction, and technological addiction. Substance addiction may shorten one’s life or cause health problems. Whereas tech addiction can cause you not just health issues but to lose your life without dying by stealing your present time. So, what’s driving this addiction? Everyone today is involved in technology unlike alcohol or other substance which increases the chances of getting more involved than necessary. The extra indulgence due to ease of access and simplification of different work can create a dependency on our smartphones. To control the time we spend on it or how much we depend on it can help avoid this downfall of technology.


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