Mothers, the walking miracles!
May 9, 2021

A warm and heartfelt mother’s day wishes to all the beautiful and adorable mothers around the world. Even though our love and care for our mothers cannot be limited to a single day, let us use this day to show…

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March 27, 2021

Our beloved festival Holi is known by many nicknames, ‘The festival of colors’, ‘ the festival of love’, and ‘the festival of spring’. Holi is the day we forget about the many stresses of the daily lives and color our…

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Women’s Day Special Thoughts By Bharati Mahapatra
March 6, 2021

  Happy women’s day! We need a reminder that women need to be celebrated so we dedicated a day to women. This situation was inevitable the day society crowned patriarchy as the ruling system. Some clever but cunning people made…

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