We have been hearing about lifestyle diseases a lot these days. The prevalence of lifestyle diseases has increased highly in the last few decades. We all have someone in our family or a friend or a relative with one or other lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, obesity, etc. Our grandparents wouldn’t have even heard about these terms in their thirties or forties. But now, it has become so common that at least one in every family is dealing with one of these conditions.

What primarily lead to this increased prevalence is our unhealthy lifestyle. To reverse this healthy lifestyle and good health practices are necessary.

Apart from eating healthy food and avoiding tobacco and alcohol, physical activity is a must to get out of these troubles. Yoga, a proven art and science of healthy living has been practised by millions of people for ages. Regular practice of yoga can reduce the chances of such different lifestyle conditions.

The advantage of yoga over other forms of physical exercises is that it will help you to bring harmony with your body and soul. Anxiety and stress are also majorly contributing to the diseases we are fighting these days. That is where Yoga will help us to calm our mind by reducing stress. Yoga also aims at building immunity and strength. Yoga can improve strength, balance and flexibility and it keeps us overall fit. It can also give you a better body image, improve your core muscle strength and reduces the chances of back pain. Yoga is effective in calming the mind and it, in turn, improves your sleep. Yoga helps in maintaining better cardiovascular health, reducing and maintaining weight.

In the current pandemic situation, with recurrent lockdowns and work from homes, people are becoming more and more inactive and prone to such conditions.

On this International Yoga Day, let us join the millions of people and start practising the art of healthy living and defend against this deadly group of diseases.

Take the pledge of Ayush ministry to make Yoga an integral part of your life and also register and take part in virtual events by Ayush ministry. Let this be a new healthy start.

Happy Yoga Day.



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