Today is the day for the real heroes. The real warriors of our country. Like our soldiers watch the borders in bone-chilling weather conditions, our doctors defended the most virulent pandemic we have seen in more than 100 years. They didn’t care about their safety, health or their families. They didn’t lock themselves inside the house in fear. They fought. For everyone, for the whole of mankind.

They were not afraid of getting infected by the virus. They were ready to risk their life for a bigger cause. For them, it was a war. And their only aim was to save everyone in need without fail. 

For them, everyone is the same. They don’t see any differences in race, color, religion or social status. For them every life is precious.

When we were sitting in our comfort zone watching our favorite shows or movies, attending zoom calls and chatting with friends and family, they were on an open battlefield wearing an exhausting PPE shield, sweating heavily inside every minute trying to protect each and everyone who was affected.

Instead of respecting the great work they do, some of us manhandled them, assaulted them brutally and treated them with prejudice. Do we know the meaning of gratitude and is this how we repay it? There is an old saying that doctors are second to god on this earth. Is this how we treat gods?

We lost around 1600 doctors fighting the pandemic in the first and second waves. Today is the day to remember them and to thank them for their selfless service. Saluting all the godly hands selflessly serving us during these difficult times.

Medicines cure diseasesbut only doctors can cure patients.” — C.G. Jung 


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