Invincible Woman


Image Credits – Siddhartha Mishra

Why just a single day for the woman when she tireless is on her toes 24/7?

Instead celebrate her individuality as a woman every day. Stop justifying her necessity to a multitasker, give her a chance not to. Its ok to be little disorganised, lazy, impractical, whimsical, imbalanced, inadequate, or imperfect.

A woman loves it when she is not judged from a man’s point of view. Stop congratulating her for being the woman behind some successful man. Success comes to those who work for it. Being beautiful is not the criterion, instead, push her to be strong and confident to face the sexiest world.

Independent of her relationships try to celebrate her as a Woman every single day and letting her a chance to freedom from expectations, from idolization, from sacrifices.

A woman is the most magnificent creation of God sent to make the world more beautiful. How can she be impure during her menstruation cycle? How can she be given limited access to the social world? Let her live life unlimited.

Woman needs to be freed from social bias. Let her be unstoppable, adventurous, and invincible.

Her soul is fierce, her heart is brave, her mind is strong. Let her celebrate each day of her life.