India’s freedom movement against British rule was a success with the overwhelming support and cooperation of people all over the country. From every corner of India, thousands of freedom fighters fought together against the cruelties of the British Rule from various regions of colonial India and achieved freedom for their beloved motherland. Many freedom fighters selflessly gave their lives to safeguard the dignity of our country; some got hurt and accepted confinement.
In present day, Independence is a word that we take seriously on 15th August every year. The shopping malls get crowded, new films get released, and the middle class eat out as if they will not get another any meal. This day highly illustrates how much in-dependent we have all become as we cannot live without another.

The True Value of Independence:

When we say that we are an independent country, then we become proud and honored. But this Independence Day was possible only after a lot of sacrifice and patience. For me, Independence is about being responsible for your actions and deeds. Mere singing and dancing on 15th August don’t fulfill the purpose. We should regularly seek inner happiness by putting a lot of effort into becoming good human beings then only everyone will follow us. If people are humble, kind, loving, and caring for people around them, they will surely be good citizens at the end of the day.

Bring the Change:
In this era of information explosion, we must take ownership of our deeds like exercise freedom of thought, expression, and many more with great caution and purpose. Whatsoever we perform that reflects on our character and personality. They fail to realize that even their slightest of effort counts. The journey of change starts from oneself then the world follows. So, as agents of transformation, let’s pledge to initiate the change by improving ourselves and making our country one of the best examples of humanity, diversity, unity, endurance, and capacity. Let’s make our country independent in every aspect, as we must assure and take the country’s culture and ethics to a great extent.
In real life, freedom and Independence are wise elements that cause far more issues than they solve. These ideas require strength like a solitary walker. Like many other ideas in modern life, these have become mere words that are meaningful only inexpensive greeting cards. Let’s join hands together to make our country more valuable and incredible not only on Independence Day every year but for every day all year round.
Come with us and celebrate the 75th Independence Day, the proudest moment for every Indian citizen with safe hands and keeping social distance!


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