Could any of us imagine a life without friends? Well, I guess it is impossible. Friends are the backbone of our life. Life is impossible without them.

How can people survive without friends? Especially in the current situation of the pandemic and not having enough social life. The new normal has become a very tough abnormality for all of us. The role of our close friends in getting through these difficult times is vital.

When the world comes to celebrate our success, only our close friends stay with us in difficult times. I have experienced it, and I don’t think anybody will have a second opinion about this.

Friendship is a precious indescribable emotion. Trying to define it with some random attractive words might be a waste of time. After our parents and siblings, most of our life revolved around the friends we had at different periods of our life. The impact they had on our character development, behaviour, personality and choices are crucial. We learned caring, sharing, loving, letting go and a  lot from our friends.

We all have that gang, where we do not become conscious, those people in front of whom we don’t hesitate to crack stupid jokes or to act childish, and where we behave without inhibitions. Nowhere else we will get the comfort we get around our friends, the freedom to express and act. They light up our mood when we are low, celebrate our happiness and success more than anybody else. Some relations are divine without the bonding of blood.

A true friend is someone who can be a true partner in crime, with whom we can share anything and be an open book, with whom we can keep our heart open without hesitations, and at the same time expect the same from the other person too.  A true buddy becomes basically a mirror image of ourselves. A major support system adding true value to life through friendship.

On this Friendship day, go down memory lane and relive those special moments that you spend with your best buddies.

Happy Friendship Day.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” — Walter Winchell



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