Women Iconza Award 2021


Marketing mind and times applaud organized the ‘Women Iconza Awards 2021 – honouring ‘The Unstoppable Women’ to celebrate the woman achievers across various genres. Bharati Mahapatra the owner of Xqbic Productions won the ‘Iconic Producer‘ award for her work as a producer at the Xqbic Productions, Xqbic Ventures Pvt Ltd. The event was held in Mumbai on the 2nd of March, 2021. You reap what you sow and so her dedicated efforts at delivering consistently good quality work didn’t go unnoticed. Now for your profession to be your passion is joyful indeed but being excellent at your work is splendid. It takes an artist at heart and an intellectual business mind to see both sides of this role in order to succeed.

“When the work is applauded in our own city it feels great. Since it was our debut movie after we started the productions domain of Xqbic Ventures Pvt Ltd. and the very first short film was appreciated internationally. “It feels wonderful and is incredibly motivating. I am looking forward to some amazing projects and living up to the expectation the audience has from our films,” Bharati said. She also added, “When I walked up to the stage and received the award I was remembering my team who had a similar vision as mine. I will always cherish the experience.”

Her modest and grateful words reflect how her work ethic must be. She is patient, organized, efficient, attentive, and cooperative. These qualities don’t just come to a person, it’s the learning outcome of every other role she has played in her life. It’s a process that takes a long time. And as a result of the hard work she’s done in life today, she can be an iconic example to all the woman.


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