The story of Bharati Mahapatra is from Meagre to Mint. She lives by the words “the contribution of a Delicate Heart, Zealous Mind and Inspirational Soul leads to growth.”

Being a Woman and an entrepreneur, She believes that one should look around but more than that one must look within. Listen to your heart and it’s never too late to start. We should suspend all the judgements and broaden our outlook to empower ourselves. Power of within can pierce through anything. We must opt for unmenable things for the betterment of a disciplined mind.

The addictive taste of success motivates her to work harder. She believes in setting up a goal and working towards it and then the satisfaction you get by doing what you want, by choosing the right path for you matters more than the money you make.

The beautiful gift of motherhood a woman has, made her take a break from carrier and focus on the right upbringing of her children. Just like she made her children’s life beautifully better by giving them priority at the time of their lives which will never come back. She also wants to contribute with her work now to the community she is a part of and make the world a better place to live and nothing will hold back a powerful woman like her from doing so.

She is trained in Hindustani classical visharad from Gandharva institute. She is also an Odissi dancer. Just as Graceful as her dance moves has been her transition from a full time mother to a working woman.

Basically through Xqbic Ventures OPC Ltd, she dreams to bring difference differently. At present no one likes suggestions or comments and corrections and Yes, here Bharati has evolved and understood that there is a need to play a catalysts role for the society that we dream of. She will bring the much needed female perspective her community needs. She is an empowered woman and will empower our society with her dedication and professionalism.

She is determined to cater the masses who get connected to the concepts presented artistically. Her vision is to produce Short films and web series which would highlight the family

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